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Oregon & Washington Business Brokers

Welcome to The Transition Group - your source for listing your business for sale or buying a business in Oregon and Washington state! Jeff Cushing is licensed in the State of Oregon and is affiliated with Oregon First for Real Estate transactions.

You have given your time, talent and resources to building your business.  But things have changed.  You need to sell your business.  You want to keep this confidential.  Who's going to buy it?  What's the price going to be?  What information do you share and when?  Is an internet listing enough?  What else is involved?

This is where The Transition Group Business Brokers step in!

We work with serious, committed and qualified buyers and sellers throughout the entire process, assisting both buyers and sellers with the following:

• Third party business valuations
• Preparing your business for sale
• Confidential program to find qualified buyers
• Helping your buyer obtain financing
• Hands on approach through your closing
• BBN-Net Brokers Network power & expertise

Buying or Selling a Business in Washington or Oregon State?

If you're interested in buying or selling a business please view our Business Listings and then contact us to discuss your needs today!


Business Listing#: 26670

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Location: , OR Down Payment: $0
Category: Featured business listings Adjusted Net: $207,000
Price: $550,000 Annual Sales: $447,000

Oregon CPA Accounting and Tax Practice For Sale This CPA practice has been serving primarily small business owners throughout the Portland metropolitan area for over 25 years. The firm has a l...
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BBN-Net.com is America's Largest Network of Business Brokers